Sweet Suurbraak

After said snooze, we awoke fresh for our first stop, a scattering of smallholdings in Suurbraak that aspire to one hundred percent self-reliance. Noble intentions, and not out of sync with the area: here horses still pull ploughs and noobs build muscle before dwellings. “I’ve realised that I sink a hole and plant a pole every day,” Tristan pondered, philosophically. You kinda have to be if you’re doing DIY  out in the sticks – no big machines out here; every development takes planning, preparation and adaptation. Things rarely go as intended, he says. But he’s stoked. He’s managed to build his own house, pond, veggie garden and pizza oven using materials from the area and that seems to be the point. A good chickpea salad from Chef Elf sets the tone for the next fourteen days : healthy, welcome, and more than a little bit different. That’s what you get when you sign up for a green living crash-course slash road trip. And lots of kitties to cuddle along the way.


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