Destination : Far From Home

A road trip in deepest winter? You might smile and snuggle closer to the heater, but we left Cape Town curdled in a mother of a storm. No more of that ominous nonsense for us. We are leaving the city of pretty on a journey of discovery. Enter eco-warriors and green queens..

We recycle, I mean, and we want to grow vegetables in our imaginations – er, condominiums. We have visions … of – what are they called? – vertical gardens and, like, solar power. We are going to explore off-grid living and learn natural building.

So just what was it about the open road that inspired us to pass out promptly as the bus pulled away? Perhaps some unconscious anticipation of how very much we were to discover and love on this journey. There are snakes in rafters and ice cold showers waiting for us. There are ancient trees and piglets (not in that order). We will hoe and dig and build and write the green map together. We are pioneers! We are going forth! But actually we are snoring and missing the beautiful back roads. The First Ladies, Clare and Indigo, had more of an inkling of what lay ahead and rewarded our overwhelm with gluten-free brownies to build our stamina. Stylish. And they never once used them to bribe us, though they really could have. I speak for myself, of course.

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